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Staying fit for better fishing

Bass fishing has changed considerably over the years. So have bass fishermen. A lot has been written about the mental and technical challenges faced by today’s bass fishermen. However, perhaps the most overlooked aspect of modern angling is the physical stamina it requires – particularly for those in the competitive arena. And, though today’s pros know they need not look like Adonis, they certainly understand the importance of being physically fit. Read more

Fish Feed

A trim, bespectacled man of 57, with salt-and-pepper hair tucked beneath a cap, Hoover is the gentleman holding plastic sacks laden with lunches, waiting calmly at the launch dock, waiting to feed the pros.

He’s there, handing out meals to Aaron Martens, John Crews, Shaw Grigsby, Peter Thliveros, Jason Quinn and Gerald Swindle, among others, because he’s convinced that few people — anglers included — recognize the physical demands of professional bass fishing.

He arrived at that conclusion after outfitting anglers with heart monitors this season to observe their calorie consumption. And even to him, the data have been “scratch-your-head numbers.” Read more

Fit for the hunt

Many avid hunters and fishermen wouldn’t be caught frequenting a health club or gym.

But, their activities in the field or on the water are closer to an athletic event than they realize. That’s what prompted Ken Hoover to start i-getit.net — a Web site established to provide information to sportsmen and women — and raise awareness of their health, and especially their heart health.

Hoover has been a trainer, health club founder, and a consultant to health clubs. He helped set up the fitness trailers used by the PGA tour. But first and foremost he is a sportsman. Read more

Time To Slim Down

Davis Vows That BassFans Will See Less Of Him In ’09

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mark Davis believes that carrying fewer pounds on his frame next year will result in more pounds in his livewell over the course of the season.
Mark Davis is about 100 pounds lighter than he was in the early 1990s, and the records show that he fished pretty well back then. But by his own estimation, he was too heavy to compete to his full potential on the Bassmaster Elite Series this year. Read more…

Hearts pounding

Body monitors on Swindle and Martens give glimpse into anglers’ athleticism

By Sam Eifling
ESPNOutdoors.com Features Editor

LAY LAKE, Ala. — Gerald Swindle boating a big bass is medically comparable to an average man suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

As the Warrior, Ala., angler prepared to embark on Day 2 of the Bassmaster Classic, he took a second to show off a heart monitor that on Friday registered a high of 218 beats per minute as he caught a 5-pound bass. Read more…

Bobby Lane clinches ROY title

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — While he has suspected for a few weeks now that the victory was his, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bobby Lane of Lakeland, Fla., did not want to put the hex on his luck in the race to claim the 2008 Advance Auto Parts Rookie of the Year award, so he patiently waited out the final few Elite Series tournaments of the season. Read more…