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Lucky #14?

About this time last year I was writing from Shreveport Louisiana. It was Classic time. That is, the biggest event of the bass fishing year, the Bassmaster Classic. It’s that time again!

For the second straight year, Athletes Outdoors has 14 Angler/Athletes qualified for “The Big One” That is why I’m referencing our lucky number, 14. Obviously we are very proud to be working with so many competitors in this event again this year.

It’s humbling. 4 Classics have been contested (including this one) since we began a research/assessment project at the 2007 event. So much has changed, and so many things remain unchanged.

Unchanged: I still believe I am blessed beyond reason to be able to serve many of the most accomplished outdoor athletes in the world. I am still convinced that when these competitors are not competing (and many, even when they are) are among the most gracious and generous people in any sport. I have had the privilege of seeing that demonstrated over and over for the 3 seasons we have now been working together. Great men, great husbands, great fathers.

Changed: We now are working with scripted and timed performance nutrition, programmed from the metabolic assessment we developed together, at a level that would shock most observers. Our athletes are using sound and well verified nutrition components that take seat to no one, regardless of the sport they are engaged in. Who would have seen that coming? Bass anglers. Folks that fish for a living. They are a lot more forward thinking and open to new ideas than most would think, based on dated stereotypes of course, that haven’t really been close to reality for several years.

When it is all said and done (the Classic) we hope to have ANOTHER Classic champion from Team Athletes Outdoors. However, we want to wish everyone, men and woman, who have qualified for this prestigious event well. Good fishing to all. Be safe, be proud of the accomplishment, be thankful for the opportunity to do what you love for a living, and thank God for what we have, for each other, and especially for the folks who serve to keep us all safe and able to enjoy this kind of freedom.

Ken Hoover
Founder and President
Athletes Outdoors

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